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1.) Unrar the downloaded file to the Website folder created by VWD Express. This is the default location that Visual Web Developer Express creates when you create a new website project.
2.) If you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7 (not sure for XP), Load Visual Web Developer 2008 or 2010 Express as Administrator otherwise the local security won't allow you to see and test the "Access Rules" and "Connection String Security" pages. To do this, simply right click the VWD program icon and select "run as administrator".
3.) After VWD Express has loaded, click on "Open: Website".
4.) Navigate to the appropriate folder, Select MyWSAT35 (you can rename the folder) and click Open. (You can run the site at this point but if you want to test all the functionality, edit the web.config as suggested below.)
5.) In the web.config file, change the appSettings email on/about line 21. MySWAT uses this to send you email.
6.) In the web.config file change the SMTP settings (at very bottom) to either your testing or hosting requirement.
7.) The database by default is located in the App_Data folder so you can quickly test the application without any hassle. For production environment, export database to SQL Server and change the connection string in web.config accordingly.
8.) Run Site or Run it as Administrator. Enjoy!

9.) The rest of the notes are in the doc... :)

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